Payette Still
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breathe in beauty

“What lies before us and what lies behind us are small matters compared to what lies within us. And when you bring what is within out into the world miracles happen.”
— D.H.Thoreau



Mixed Media

& Murals







"Where creativity dances on canvas and into stone."

Often the simplest thing, like a tiny mouse among clovers to the stunning framework of the Space Needle, awakens Payette's desire to paint. Mixed media onto canvas and layered with oil paints to bring out a multi-dimensional piece of work. Each canvas is unique and would add value to your personal art collection.




Meet the Artist: Payette Still

Payette Still discovered her artistic abilities at a very young age. As a youth she blossomed in the performing arts realm, eventually opening her own dance studio. However, Payette has always painted as a way to express the many facets of life that inspire. From still life to fantasy, she is always exploring the world through her palette.


Her style and technique is a mixture of oils, occasional acrylics, precious stones and sculpting on large canvases. Many of her sold pieces decorate the walls of prestigious establishments and private collections from coast to coast. She calls the Pacific Northwest home and it provides a stunning backdrop of endless possibilities. From the Puget Sound to Mount Rainier every breeze and raindrop beckons her to create.


Her newest exploration is using precious stones. Sometimes on canvas or fitted into wearable art that we recognize as jewelry. The stones she uses, within her pieces, are quarried by Payette. And she carefully chooses the cut and fitting of each setting. From discovery of the stone to the final piece, she's fashioned every step of it's creation to reveal a pendant, earring, ring or bracelet.  To learn more click here.